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PVC Insulated Electrical wire cable

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PVC Insulated Electrical wire cable


Specifications: 2X20AWG 0.5mm2,OD:6.2mm 2X18AWG 0.785mm2,OD:7.2mm 2X16AWG 1.1254mm2,OD:8.5mm 2X14AWG 1.8mm2,OD:9.5mm 2X12AWG 3.135mm2,OD:10mm 2X10AWG 5.0642mm2,OD:10.5mm Description: 1. Specification: ... [Read More]

2016-04-28 14:55:57

Specifications: 3X18AWG 0.75mm2,OD:8.5mm 3X16AWG 1.125mm2,OD:9.0mm 3X14AWG 1.8mm2,OD:10mm 3X12AWG 3.135mm2,OD:11mm 3X10 AWG 5.0682mm2,OD:12mm Description: 1. Specification: Stranded twisted bare ... [Read More]

2016-04-28 14:55:36

Specifications: GPT cable:all kind of colours 20AWG 16/0.2mm,OD2.5mm,S=0.5mm2 18AWG 24/0.2mm,OD2.9mm,S=0.75mm2 16AWG 18/0.27mm,OD3.0mm,S=1mm2 14AWG 27/0.25mm,OD3.2mm,S=1.32mm2 12AWG 2.765mm2,OD:4.8mm ... [Read More]

2016-04-28 14:27:17

Specifications: Green Yellow Cable : with 30% copper, CCA 20AWG OD:2.5mm 18AWG OD:2.9mm 16AWG 1.13mm2,OD:3.1mm 14AWG 1.76mm2,OD:4mm 12AWG 2.765mm2,OD:4.8mm 10AWG 5.354mm2,OD:5.5mm 8AWG 6.43072mm2,OD:6... [Read More]

2016-04-28 14:19:17

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